Latest exam updates

Remotely-assessed Performance Grades and ARSM – 15% discount

The booking period for remotely-assessed Performance Grade and ARSM exams is 1 to 8 December. We are offering an introductory 15% discount when you book these exams during December 2020. Just enter code ABPG15IN when you book using our online service. Please also read our discount information and terms & conditions here.

To book exams you will need to use our new online booking service. You can create your new account in advance here.

Candidate Identification Policy

This policy details our requirements for candidates to provide a form of photographic identification when taking selected examinations, as well as the list of qualifications affected by the policy.

 A Candidate Identification Form can be used instead of formal photo ID by candidates completing ABRSM exams. A form for Music Theory exams taken in person, and for all practical, Performance, Practical Musicianship and Diploma exams can downloaded here. A form for Online Music Theory exams can be downloaded here.

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